Alex Feels Like Royalty After Sam Asks Them to Do Something They’ve Already Done

In a groundbreaking revelation, Alex has reported feeling like royalty after their partner, Sam, asked them to do something they had already accomplished. This unexpected twist of events has shaken the foundation of households everywhere.

It all began on a lazy Sunday morning when Sam, like any organised partner, handed Alex a list of tasks. Little did Sam know, Alex had already changed the lightbulb in the hallway, proving that miracles do happen – sometimes even before breakfast!

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Sam shared, their voice drenched in shock. “I had barely asked them to change it, and there they were, showing me the old bulb! I never expected the day to come when I’d be two steps behind.”

Alex, in response, couldn’t contain their glee. “I was prepared for that triumphant ‘I told you so’ moment. I’ve been waiting for it, really. I felt like I had conquered a kingdom when Sam asked. The joy of saying ‘Already done, love!’ was inexplicable.”

Sources close to Alex confirm that they have been strutting around the house with newfound swagger, using the lightbulb incident as evidence of their extreme efficiency. The royal vibes are so strong that neighbours report Alex is considering purchasing a crown from Amazon.

Meanwhile, local couples’ groups are celebrating this event, stating that Alex is an inspiration. “It’s a dream,” says Jordan Lee, leader of the ‘Proactive Partners Club’. “To be ahead of the game, even if just once, is a badge of honour. Alex is our hero!”

For their part, Sam is taking it all in stride. “I’m glad they feel proud. Everyone deserves their moment in the sun, even if it’s just because of a lightbulb. I just hope they don’t expect a throne anytime soon.”

As for the lightbulb itself? It’s working perfectly, illuminating not just the hallway but also the reality that every now and then, partners can surprise you – and themselves.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t become a trend, or partners everywhere might be out of a job!

Disclaimer: This article is a satirical piece and meant for humorous purposes only.

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