The Autonomy of Ideas: How Ideas Shape Humanity

The Autonomy of Ideas: How Ideas Shape Humanity

Ever thought about the idea that we don’t have ideas, but ideas have us? It’s a fascinating concept that flips our usual thinking on its ...
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know what i mean

Local Man Stunned as Conversation Takes Unexpected Turn, Know What I Mean?

In a startling turn of events, Newcastle local Joe Miller found himself at a loss for words last Friday when a casual conversation took a ...
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The Drama triangle

Navigating the Drama Triangle: Understanding Conflict in Human Interaction

In the realm of human dynamics, few models are as illuminating yet under-discussed as the Drama Triangle. Originally conceptualised by Stephen Karpman in the 1960s, ...
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people with their fingers crossed and legs crossed and eyes crossed and arms crossed

Crossing Fingers for Luck: A Comprehensive Study Reveals No Link

In our modern, data-driven world, a comprehensive study conducted by the Global Research Centre for Probabilistic Phenomena (GRCP) has definitively shown that crossing your fingers ...
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rock band sitting behind a bowl of brown MMs

The M&M Saga: Van Halen’s Ingenious Test of Attention to Detail

In the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame of tour demands, one quirky clause stands out: Van Halen’s infamous request for a bowl of M&Ms ...
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couple in car on phones

The Great Escape: How Our Final Farewells Became Filtered Through Screens

In a twist of modern irony, a couple’s last embrace of their tropical paradise wasn’t through the window of their taxi, but rather through the ...
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Numberplate with frame

The Great Car Conspiracy: Behind the Wheel of Stealth Marketing

In the vast expanse of the automotive world, a cunning strategy has been unfolding, hidden in plain sight on the bumpers and rear windows of ...
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an 1800s painting style, showing people talking to each other, all holding up masks in front of their faces.

Unmasking Ourselves: Understanding Why We Act Differently Around Different People

The Many Masks We Wear: A Dive into Our Social Chameleons Ever caught yourself acting one way with your family, but completely different when you’re ...
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a face where one side is smiling and the other side is angry, capturing the same person with different expressions on the same face

The Subtle Art of Subtext: Stanislavski’s Legacy in Dialogue and Real Life

In the realm of communication, whether it be the exchanges of daily life or the crafted dialogues of film and theatre, there exists a layer ...
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man walking through the bush holding a book

The Enigmatic Traveller: A Tale of Simplicity and Presence

Amid the hum of daily life, dominated by the incessant pings of notifications and the blue glow of screens, a story emerges from the airwaves ...
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dreamlike editing and movie making

The Art of the Cut: Cinematic Edits and the Dreamscape of the Mind

In the realm of cinema, the cut serves as more than a mere transition from one shot to the next; it is a portal into ...
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crayon drawing of person coming out off a cocoon

Embracing the Cocoon Stage: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation

In the tapestry of life, there are periods marked by visible achievements and outward progression. However, nestled between these vibrant threads are the quieter, less ...
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corded landline phone

The Unexpected Renaissance of the Voice Message: A Retro Renaissance?

In an era where instant messaging reigns supreme and leaving a voicemail feels as archaic as dialling into the internet, something rather quaint is occurring. ...
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A photorealistic image of a man wearing a black skivvy, sitting half-submerged in a wooden tub in a picturesque outdoor setting

The Dawn Duel: Rituals of Success vs. The Myth of the Perfect Morning

In the quest to unravel the blueprint of success, one ritual towers above the rest: the morning routine. It’s a subject that has sparked debates ...
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1800s-style painting featuring a non-binary person seated, appearing slightly confused with their eyes looking upward as if deep in thought

Beyond the Romance: Rethinking Societal Norms on Love, Relationships, Self-Discovery, and the Valentine’s Day Paradigm

In an era deeply influenced by the narratives of romantic love, the pursuit of relationships, and the societal pressures to conform to certain ideals of ...
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Australian construction company office

Construction Company’s Daring Leap from Decorative Desk Duties to Diverse Inclusion Sends Ripples Through Newcastle

In an unprecedented move that’s bulldozing decades of tradition, ‘Brick & Bro’s Construction’ in Newcastle has replaced its reception desk’s long-standing decoration – a series ...
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A scene depicting a crowded room where a bewildered person stands in the center

Unravelling the Illusory Truth Effect: The Intersection of Repetition and Belief

In an era where information spreads faster than ever, understanding the forces that shape our beliefs is crucial. One such force is the illusory truth ...
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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: The Power of Parental Suggestion

In a rather intriguing turn of events emerging from Newcastle, a child named Alex Johnson, aged 7, has reportedly experienced a ‘sweet dream’ subsequent to ...
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Anaphora and Epistrophe: The Rhythmic Pillars of Persuasive Oratory in History and Cinema

In eloquent oratory, anaphora and epistrophe serve as powerful rhetorical devices. Anaphora involves the repetition of a phrase at the beginning of consecutive clauses, while ...
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Queen of the Zebra Crossing: A Royal Stroll or Pedestrian Entitlement?

In the bustling urban theatre, a new protagonist takes the spotlight, boldly claiming her territory on the zebra crossings. Enter Sue, a woman whose life-long ...
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Navigating Life’s Uncertainties: Embracing Stoicism and Buddhism in the Modern World Through the Lens of Spider-Man

In the realm of superhero cinema, profound life philosophies are often hidden beneath layers of action and fantasy. One such gem can be found in ...
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The Curious Case of the Strategic Hottest 100 Voter

In a curious twist of musical loyalty and social strategy, a local Newcastle lad named Mark has stirred the pot in the Australian music scene. ...
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L’esprit de l’escalier: The Wit We Discover in Retrospect

In the labyrinth of human interaction, there lies a curious phenomenon, known elegantly in French as “L’esprit de l’escalier,” or “staircase wit.” It is a ...
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Vegetarian Fare and Non-Alcoholic Schooners at Lawn Bowls Club: A Progressive Move or a Step Too Far?

In a surprising and divisive move, a regional Australian lawn bowls club has decided to replace its traditional meat trays with vegetarian options, featuring falafel ...
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Vection: Unravelling the Illusion of Movement and Its Impact on Modern Psychology

You’re seated in a stationary train, engrossed in thought. Suddenly, you sense motion. You’re moving – or so it seems. In reality, it’s the train ...
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The Enigma of Dr. Andrew Clarkson: I Guess a Tale of Expert Uncertainty

In the rarified world of professional consultancy, Dr. Andrew Clarkson stands out. Renowned for his depth of knowledge yet curiously beginning every response with “I ...
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The End of an Era: Dentists Worldwide Discontinue the 2:30 PM Appointment Slot

In a decision that’s resonating across the globe, dental practices have collectively agreed to eliminate the 2:30 pm appointment slot. This move, far from being ...
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Decoding Solomon’s Paradox: The Brain’s Tug of War Between Emotion and Logic

Ever wonder why you’re a guru in giving advice to friends but a novice in handling your own life’s puzzles? This curious mental tango is ...
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Inbox Hero: The Double-Edged Sword of Workplace Busyness

As the festive season winds down, a tale of epic proportions has emerged from a local Newcastle office, where a low-level manager has become an ...
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Sydney’s Latest Real Estate Trend: Puppies in Suits Outshine Agents in Ads

In a daring move that has tongues – and tails – wagging across Sydney, a local real estate agent has swapped the typical polished headshots ...
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The Holiday Drive: Understanding ‘Highway Hypnosis’ on Those Long Journeys

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are hitting the road, often feeling a bit weary from all the festivities. It’s during these ...
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The Great New Year’s Eve Showdown: Who Reigns Supreme in the Social Media Arena?

As the year draws to a close, a dazzling contest unfolds not on the streets, but in the digital realm of social media. The burning ...
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Local Maverick Refuses to Let Car Merge in Defiant Stand Against Conventional Road Etiquette

In a move that has both baffled and awed Newcastle locals, rideshare driver Chris Wheeler made headlines by adamantly refusing to let a car merge ...
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Minds Entwined: The Philosophical Correspondence Between Descartes and Princess Elizabeth

The correspondence between René Descartes and Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia is a unique intellectual dialogue that transcends time. Their letters, rich in philosophical insight, defy ...
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Merry Click-mas: Navigating the New Norm of Digital Christmas Wishes

Gone are the days when Christmas meant a flurry of cards, each carefully chosen, handwritten, and lovingly sent through the post. In our fast-paced digital ...
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Navigating New Year’s Resolutions with Alan Watts: The Art of Subtle Change

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions is deeply embedded in many cultures, offering a yearly ritual for fresh starts, personal reflection, and an opportunity to ...
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Kintsugi and Kintsukuroi: Celebrating Beauty in Brokenness

In a quest for perfection, we often overlook the beauty in imperfection. This is where the Japanese arts of Kintsugi and Kintsukuroi offer a refreshing ...
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An Australian landscape painting from the 1800s, featuring a scene with an old Caucasian woman standing inside a rustic wooden house.

The Everlasting Echo of ‘Where Has the Year Gone?’ – A Christmas Tale as Old as Time

Meet Doris, an extraordinary old lady, who, like clockwork, exclaims each December, “Can’t believe it’s Christmas already!” This statement, as predictable as the festive season ...
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An artistic hand-drawn style depiction of an urban street scene with a diverse mix of vehicles, where 40% of the cars are the same model and colored

Ever Noticed How You Suddenly See Things Everywhere? That’s the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon!

You know when you hear a new song, and suddenly it’s playing on every radio station, or you get a new tracksuit and then see ...
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Eight-Year-Old’s Beer Fetching Skills Earn Dad’s Pride: Reflecting on Australia’s Alcohol Culture and Youth Influence

In the heart of a Sydney suburb, as the sun started to set, a typical Australian scene unfolded. Families and friends gathered around a sizzling ...
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The Distraction Deluge: When News Becomes a Maze of the Meaningless

In a world oversaturated with information, it’s become increasingly challenging to sift through the deluge of distractions that inundate our daily digital diet. From the ...
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Understanding Behaviour: The Theory of Planned Behaviour Made Simple

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Why some folks hit the gym regularly while others can’t resist the allure of ...
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Discovering Wisdom Through Challenges: My Encounter with Don Juan Matus’ Teachings

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend. As we exchanged stories about our recent life experiences, I shared a challenging ...
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Alex Feels Like Royalty After Sam Asks Them to Do Something They’ve Already Done

In a groundbreaking revelation, Alex has reported feeling like royalty after their partner, Sam, asked them to do something they had already accomplished. This unexpected ...
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10 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Listicles

Listicles, a blend of ‘list’ and ‘article’, have become a popular format in online content, particularly with the advent of digital media platforms. They offer ...
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The Unconventional Icebreaker: A Tale of Brett at the Networking Event

In the shimmering sea of suits and clinking glasses at a bustling networking event, Brett, a man with a disarming smile, waded through the crowd ...
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psychology, face, dialog-4420030.jpg

Realistic Expectations Around Receiving Therapy

When it comes to managing mental health, therapy is often a recommended approach. However, many people enter therapy with a variety of expectations, some of ...
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chamber, chair, mirrors-5264172.jpg

The Sage of Solitude on atomTV

In the expansive digital realm where one’s value is often appraised by the yardstick of visibility, John Stericker stands as the defiant recluse of the ...
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couple, arguing, disagreement-6471113.jpg

Wife Launches Revolutionary Scoring System Amidst Domestic Bickering

Suburban Kitchen Stadium — In a move that has sent shockwaves through the foundations of marital quibbles across the local area, wife Linda Cartwright has ...
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robot, machine, android-4757878.jpg

Busy Unemployed Man Defends atomTV’s AI-Written Content: “I’m Like The Beatles, But for Blogs,” He Says

In an age where AI has infiltrated everything from our fridges to our dating lives, it’s no surprise that it’s also penning our prose. John ...
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dont just fly soar

Instant Nirvana: Local Woman Cured by Social Media Proverb

In an extraordinary turn of events, local woman Betty Maple experienced an epiphany that has psychologists baffled and philosophers stroking their beards in puzzlement. Betty’s ...
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dog, funny, pet-4223905.jpg

Couple in Shock After Rideshare Driver Turns Out to Be…White

In a bewildering turn of events this week, a suburban couple was reportedly astounded when they discovered their rideshare driver was, against all odds, also ...
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conjurer, illusionist, magician-7886259.jpg

Local Man Unveils The 25-Year Overnight Sensation!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves! The digital realm has been graced with a fresh marvel. After a quarter-century of marination, local man John Stericker finally ...
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people, joy, smile-2295052.jpg

Dad at BBQ Mistakenly Reports to Be Living Breathing LinkedIn Profile

Local father of two dazzles neighbors with riveting account of sales targets and revenue streams, neglects minor detail of actual fatherhood. In what could be ...
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“L’appel du Vide”: Understanding the Call of the Void

Many of us, when standing on a high ledge or driving at high speeds, have inexplicably thought about jumping off or crashing. It’s a disconcerting ...
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Addicted to Distraction: Escaping Ourselves by Looking Outwards

This avoidance can offer short-term relief but often leads to long-term emotional and psychological stagnation. Navigating the Maze of Distraction: Insights from Gelong Thubten’s ‘A ...
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storytelling, fantasy, imagination-4203628.jpg

The Neurochemistry of Storytelling: How Our Brains and Chemicals Create the Magic of Narratives

From the ancient art of oral traditions to the modern pages of novels and the screens of cinemas, storytelling has always held a profound grip ...
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couple, field, lovers-1934204.jpg

Company Innovates Workplace Rules: Dreaming About Co-Workers Now Forbidden!

In a shocking twist of events at the illustrious office of WidgetCorp, a co-worker has successfully redefined the boundaries of what constitutes a “difficult conversation.” ...
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The Epidemic of the “Not-So-Close-Friend” Suggestion Syndrome

In the vast, perplexing world of friendships, there is a baffling phenomenon that’s been sweeping the nation – the epidemic of the “Not-So-Close-Friend” Suggestion Syndrome, ...
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woman, old, granny-5377783.jpg

“Unprecedented!” Declares Woman Who Has Lived Through 75 Years of Unpredictable Weather

Satire City, Worldwide – In a groundbreaking revelation this week, local septuagenarian, Mildred Weatherbee, remarked on the unpredictable nature of this year’s weather, stating, “I’ve ...
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Why People Make It About Them

In the grand theatre of life, we’ve all been graced by the presence of that one individual. The one who has a knack for turning ...
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Why We’re Asking: Please, No More Souvenirs From Your Travels!

No More Souvenir Madness
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Tech Startup’s Subscription Fiasco

The Great Subscription Catastrophe: How One IT Startup Mistook Binge-Subscribing for Success In a jaw-dropping revelation, the latest IT startup, “TechSavvySupremos”, declared bankruptcy, not due ...
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man holding up ice tray

Man Chuffed with Himself for Filling Ice Cube Trays

In a stunning turn of domestic prowess, local man Derek Thompson has achieved the near-impossible: he filled the ice cube trays in his freezer. And ...
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ai generated, steampunk, car-8298900.jpg

“The Uber of Airbnb”: A Glimpse into the Future of Redundant Innovation

It’s 2023, and if you thought that the startup world couldn’t possibly come up with another “Uber of [fill in the blank],” then think again! ...
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The Great Debate: “Dog on a Lead” or “Lead on a Dog”?

In today’s riveting exposé, we delve into one of the most pressing quandaries of the modern age. No, it’s not climate change or AI ethics—it’s ...
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When Sentence Finishers Steal Your Thunder (And Your Words)

Why people finish other people’s sentences Ah, the illustrious art of conversation—a delicate dance between two souls exchanging thoughts, ideas, and often… half-sentences. Enter the ...
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tree, nature, branches-5480239.jpg

Inspirational Quote Debunked: Inaccuracy

Inspirational Quotes Debunked by Science: “Aim for the Moon and Land… Where Exactly?” In a groundbreaking study from the Department of Overthinking Inspirational Quotes (DOIQ) ...
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Local Man Posts Picture of Beer with a View, Believing We’re All Suddenly Interested

In a groundbreaking move that shook the very foundations of the internet, local resident, Brad Thompson, 32, posted a picture of his beer placed precariously ...
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Couple Boldly Mentions Desire to Buy Beach House While Renting One; Shocks World by Not Buying

(Sunset Beach, Somewhere Glamorous) — In a turn of events that has left the global community utterly astonished, Mark and Lisa Thompson, a seemingly regular ...
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The Great Sofa Pandemic: When a Hangover Outranks the Flu

In a groundbreaking turn of events, local woman, Rebecca Crook, has revolutionised the world of health rankings after spending an entire day lying on the ...
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OBITUARY: LUCINDA “LIKE” LANGLEY – Queen of Connectivity

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the passing of Lucinda “Like” Langley, the only woman to have maintained a 98% screen-time average on ...
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“Roadhouse”: The Film that Broke its Own Rule

The 1989 cult classic “Roadhouse” is renowned for its bar brawls, roundhouse kicks, and Patrick Swayze’s iconic portrayal of the enigmatic bouncer, Dalton. At the ...
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Modern Romance: The Couple Who Loved (Each Other’s Posts) Out Loud

In a groundbreaking display of modern romance, couple Jessica and Kyle have decided to communicate exclusively through social media comments, and of course, consistently liking ...
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automobile, trip, ride-4368663.jpg

The Ultimate Power Move: Husband Rides Shotgun in Ride Share, Wife Relegated to Back

In a groundbreaking and absolutely audacious move of modern-day chivalry, local husband Derek Simmons chose the front seat of the Uber, leaving his wife, Linda, ...
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We Ranked the Best “From Best to Worst Articles” from Best to Worst!

Ah, the internet, a vast sea of lists ranking everything from ice cream flavours to celebrities’ favourite books. And among those, the ever-popular “From Best ...
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Tourists Eager to Scale “Just a Rock”

As the closure date for climbing Uluru looms, right-wing Australians, and a handful of curious international adventurers, have made the great pilgrimage to the heart ...
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cake, sweet, food-727854.jpg

Cake Blunder Causes Bad Luck

Man Realises Run of Bad Luck Tied to Unforgivable Birthday Cake Blunder at Age 11 In a revelation that has the world on the edge ...
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meeting, workplace, team-5395615.jpg

One Month After ‘Team-Bonding Extravaganza’: Colleagues Cling to Memories of Free Lunch and Oscar-Worthy Role Plays

In a world where corporate team-building exercises are more common than a printer jam on a Monday morning, the marketing department of Initech Inc. has ...
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Office Worker Insists On Saying “You Shouldn’t Have!” Every Time Someone Walks Past With Flowers

OFFICEVILLE – Reports are streaming in from BlueCube Innovations, a reputed tech firm, where one of its employees, Dave Hartwell, has found endless amusement in ...
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