Instant Nirvana: Local Woman Cured by Social Media Proverb

dont just fly soar

In an extraordinary turn of events, local woman Betty Maple experienced an epiphany that has psychologists baffled and philosophers stroking their beards in puzzlement. Betty’s life took a 360-degree spin—not to be confused with a mere 180—after reading an inspirational quote on social media, bringing her back to exactly where she started, but feeling inexplicably better about it.

The quote, “Don’t just fly, soar” — which was delicately superimposed over a high-resolution image of a dandelion in mid-wisp, has reportedly validated her life choices to such a degree that friends and family are stunned by her transformation.

“I just realized that I wasn’t just aimlessly floating through life, I was soaring,” Betty said, her eyes glistening with the wisdom of a thousand Pinterest boards. “And the fact that it was written in a whimsical cursive font just sealed the deal for me.”

Sources close to Betty have stated that, before the digital encounter, she was seen furrowing her brows at the menu of a local café, agonizing over whether to order a latte or a cappuccino — clearly a metaphor for her larger indecisiveness in life. Post-quote, Betty confidently chose a glass of tap water, declaring she was “hydrating for the journey ahead.”

Critics may argue that the complexities of life’s trials and tribulations cannot be solved by a few well-chosen words against a backdrop of celestial bodies or frolicking wildlife. Yet, Betty’s newfound sense of purpose has her disagreeing. She has since quit her job, started a blog, and now plans to sell inspirational quote wall decals from the comfort of her newly-declared “zen den” — formerly known as her living room.

Psychologist Dr. Frewd remains skeptical. “While it’s always positive for an individual to find something that brings them joy, one has to wonder about the longevity of such epiphanies brought on by what is essentially the fortune cookie of the digital age.”

Nevertheless, Betty’s Twitter followers have skyrocketed to a number just shy of the population of Oymyakon in the winter, with fellow netizens eagerly awaiting her next life-altering post. When asked about her next steps, Betty says she plans to design a tattoo of her dandelion quote, “to remind me of the day I changed without changing anything at all.”

As the sun sets on this truly inspirational day, one can only wonder how many other lives can be turned upside-down, then right-side-up again, by the simple power of an adage in attractive typeface. In the words of another popular internet axiom, “She believed she could, so she did.” Indeed, she did believe, and indeed, she did… something.

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