Why We’re Asking: Please, No More Souvenirs From Your Travels!

When friends or family embark on overseas journeys, our excitement quickly turns to dread at the thought of the inevitable and often kitschy souvenir they’ll bring back. We find ourselves silently pleading, “Please, not another trinket for my already overcrowded fridge.”


The Refrigerator Crisis

Our fridges, once home to grocery lists and important reminders, are now chaotic canvases of mismatched souvenirs. Does that magnet from The Leaning Tower of Pisa really spark joy, or just remind us our kitchen appliances have become tourist trap dumpsters?

A Tsunami of T-shirts

Our drawers overflow with tacky t-shirts from every corner of the world. We’ve become unintentional brand ambassadors for destinations we’ve never visited.

Keychains: The Unyielding Horde

Keychains, once simple and functional, now burden our key rings with metallic Eiffel Towers and miniaturized Pyramids of Giza.

Questionable Culinary Choices

While sharing unique flavors of the world is appreciated, a vacuum-sealed bag of Icelandic fermented shark might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Mugs: Because We Clearly Don’t Have Enough

Instead of another ceramic monstrosity, why not regale us with tales of your adventures over a cup of coffee – in one of our existing mugs?

The Environmental Impact of Souvenir Manufacturing

The environmental cost of souvenir manufacturing, particularly plastic ones, is significant. Mass-produced in countries like China, these souvenirs contribute to environmental degradation, unfair labour practices, and extensive waste. The issue is part of a larger problem with plastic production set to increase dramatically, impacting surrounding ecosystems. During holidays, there’s a notable increase in waste, much of which includes souvenir waste.

Dear globetrotters, your stories, experiences, and photographs are the true treasures. These are the mementos we cherish. So next time, spare us the clutter and gift us with your tales. And if you absolutely must bring something back, a lovely postcard would be more than enough. Let’s also be mindful of our environmental footprint, choosing souvenirs that are sustainable, locally made, and kind to our planet.

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