Couple in Shock After Rideshare Driver Turns Out to Be…White

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In a bewildering turn of events this week, a suburban couple was reportedly astounded when they discovered their rideshare driver was, against all odds, also white. The couple, Brad and Jenny Whitemore, detailed their unprecedented experience to our reporters.

Brad, looking visibly shaken, remarked, “You know, you read about these things on social media, but you never think it’ll happen to you.” Jenny, his equally pallid wife, chimed in with a nod, “It’s like spotting a unicorn.”

The couple, who had ordered the ride after a rigorous session of shopping for organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO kale at their local farmer’s market, were preparing themselves for the usual barrage of pleasantries and casual chitchat one anticipates in a rideshare. But instead, they found themselves in uncharted territory.

“I just didn’t know what to talk about,” Jenny confessed. “I mean, I had already prepared a list of my favorite exotic cuisines and that one time I went on a yoga retreat in Bali, but suddenly it all seemed…irrelevant?”

The driver, John Paleton, also expressed his own surprise. “I get all sorts of comments – ‘How long have you been driving?’, ‘What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?’. But, ‘Oh, you’re white?’ That was a first for me.”

However, not everyone is amused by this incident. Dr. Ivana Studyalot, an expert on racial and cultural matters, weighed in: “It’s astounding how in 2023, the color of someone’s skin, even within the same racial group, can still be a cause for surprise or comment.”

As the internet naturally does, memes and jokes about the incident have gone viral. The hashtag #OhYoureWhite has been trending, with users sharing humorous tales of encountering people of their own race in unexpected places, like at a tanning salon or a salsa dancing class.

In the midst of this comical uproar, one thing remains certain: Brad and Jenny have unintentionally opened up a whole new world of conversation starters. Because if noting someone’s whiteness in a predominantly white setting isn’t the peak of observational humor, what is?

In related news, a brown cat was reportedly surprised to discover its owner was also brown. Stay tuned for the heartwarming story.

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