Why People Make It About Them

In the grand theatre of life, we’ve all been graced by the presence of that one individual. The one who has a knack for turning any topic, no matter how irrelevant to them, into a self-centric monologue. Let’s call them “The One-Uppers”. If you’ve said, “I got a new dog,” they’ve trained a whole pack of wild wolves. And heaven forbid you’ve climbed a mountain; they’ve scaled all the peaks in the Himalayas — twice.

Why do One-Uppers Exist?

Before we poke fun at our beloved One-Uppers, it’s essential to understand why they might feel the need to constantly redirect conversations to themselves:

  1. Insecurity: Deep down, the One-Upper might feel a bit like an underachiever. So, when you come around with your fascinating stories, it challenges their self-worth. Hence, they retaliate with an “even better” story.

  2. Desire for Connection: Ironically, by always turning the conversation to themselves, they might be trying to connect. By sharing similar experiences, they might believe they’re relating to you.

  3. The Spotlight Syndrome: Some folks just love the limelight. And if someone else is getting a tad more shine? Oh, no-no-no, we can’t have that! Cue the spotlight-stealing story.

Tips for Interacting with a One-Upper

  1. The Nod and Smile: This is a time-tested technique. Just nod, smile, and let them finish. Sometimes, it’s not worth the energy to compete in the “who’s done it better” Olympics.

  2. The Redirect: Gently steer the conversation back to the original topic or another person. “That’s cool about your wolf pack, but back to my new dog, Fluffy…”

  3. Direct Address: If you’re feeling particularly brave (or fed up), kindly tell them that you’ve noticed their tendency to divert conversations. They might not even be aware of it.


To our dear One-Uppers: We get it. You’ve done everything, seen everything, and your grandma’s apple pie recipe is undoubtedly the best. But sometimes, just sometimes, could you let Fluffy have his five minutes of fame? For the rest of us: Patience. Everyone has a story (or ten) to tell, even if it’s only vaguely related. Let’s listen, chuckle, and continue celebrating our own little joys, dog-related or otherwise.

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