Wife Launches Revolutionary Scoring System Amidst Domestic Bickering

Suburban Kitchen Stadium — In a move that has sent shockwaves through the foundations of marital quibbles across the local area, wife Linda Cartwright has introduced a trailblazing scoring system. This meticulously crafted tally, with a focus on household chores, cleverly transforms any domestic disagreement into a round of “You Never Do the Washing Up” bingo.


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During an argument that started over who neglected to record the season finale of “Marriage Island,” Linda surprised her husband, Dave, by interjecting with a perfectly timed, “You never do the washing up.” This seemingly unrelated accusation is the cornerstone of Linda’s revolutionary scorekeeping method.

Linda’s system, dubbed “The Great Chore Ledger in the Sky,” has been faithfully logging Dave’s household oversights. The scoring is simple: each day Dave eschews washing-up duties, he earns points on his invisible ledger. When the time is ripe, Linda redeems these points, which appear to compound with every argument.

The innovation has been lauded as a game-changer in marital communications. “It’s utterly ingenious,” enthuses Janice Hapsworth, an acclaimed argument analyst. “Why bother resolving the actual dispute when you can score points by resurrecting past chore slights?”

Dave’s feelings about this scoring system are decidedly mixed. “I was ready to talk about the telly,” he remarked, confused by the abrupt gear shift to dishwashing. “Suddenly, I’m ambushed by last week’s lasagna dish. Since when did we start keeping score?”

Some suggest Linda’s system could revolutionise household dynamics. “Its adaptability is sheer brilliance,” says Dr. Henry Milsap, a professor specialising in domestic disputes. “It’s applicable to anything — forget to bin the rubbish? Point. Toilet seat left up? Point. It’s like marital Monopoly where ‘Passing Go’ just means a night on the sofa.”

However, the tables turned when Dave, armed with a rebuttal, said, “When was the last time you mowed the lawn or washed the car?” Thereby, highlighting that the game of tit-for-tat can swing both ways.

Linda has plans for an app to enable spouses globally to track their partner’s dishwashing habits. The proposed app, “Wash Up or Shut Up,” promises daily reminders, push notifications, and a ‘nag-o-meter’ to pinpoint the optimal moment for scoring points.

Husbands and partners worldwide are now eager to learn the rules of this new system. Dave, clinging to the memory of a lone Tuesday spent scrubbing pots, learned quickly that under Linda’s system, one act of dishwashing holds as much currency as a solitary touchdown does in the Super Bowl.

Despite the potential for this system to encourage chore completion, it underscores an age-old truth: the perilous game of chore point scoring is often the undoing of any relationship. Households everywhere are now poised for the next titanic domestic debate, clutching their sponges and Fairy Liquid, determined not to lose another bout of “You Never Do the Washing Up.”

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