Office Worker Insists On Saying “You Shouldn’t Have!” Every Time Someone Walks Past With Flowers

OFFICEVILLE – Reports are streaming in from BlueCube Innovations, a reputed tech firm, where one of its employees, Dave Hartwell, has found endless amusement in the age-old quip: “You shouldn’t have!” Dave, who most colleagues describe as “that guy with the dad jokes,” has been religiously employing this line whenever he spots someone walking by with a bouquet of flowers.

The first few times, it was admittedly funny. Colleagues chuckled, some even gave a playful eyeroll, and life went on. But as the saying goes, “It’s all fun and games until someone gifts you flowers every day.”

Lucy Patterson, who sits three cubicles down from Dave, recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary. “I got flowers from my family, which was sweet,” she recalled. “But then I had to walk past Dave’s desk. I knew what was coming. ‘You shouldn’t have!’ he exclaimed. The first time? Cute. The second time? Okay, fine. But by the twentieth time, I was ready to throw my bouquet at him.”

It’s not just the ladies who are facing Dave’s relentless humor. Kevin Lane, from the HR department, said, “I got flowers for my wife’s birthday. Dave saw me and went, ‘Oh, Kevin! You shouldn’t have!’ I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

What’s even more bewildering is that Dave doesn’t limit his comments to just colleagues. Couriers, cleaning staff, even the occasional lost tourist—no one is safe from his repeated jest.

When asked about his notorious phrase, Dave said, “What can I say? It’s a classic! Plus, if there’s one thing the office needs, it’s a little laughter. If I can make someone’s day a bit brighter with my humor, then I’ve done my job.”

To this, Maria Thompson from IT retorted, “Brighter or redder from embarrassment? I can’t decide.”

The management has remained tight-lipped about the situation, though there are whispers of an impending seminar on ‘Knowing When To Stop A Joke’. In the meantime, BlueCube employees have developed a unique alert system. A quick message on the office group chat – “Flowers Alert!” – is the sign for everyone to either brace themselves or find an alternate route.

Who knows how long Dave’s ‘flower power’ will last? But for now, if you’re ever in the vicinity of BlueCube Innovations and you have a bouquet in hand, consider yourself warned.

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